Philosophy, Classical Education, Theology, Mathematics: You Name it He Knows it–Kolbecast with Everett Buyarski

Our Director of Academic Services, Mr. Everett Buyarski, was born and raised in Southeast Alaska. He received his B.A. in Philosophy from Gonzaga University, where he spent two years in the seminary before discerning he wasn’t called to the priesthood. He is married to his beautiful wife Melissa, and has five sons, Nathaniel, Aaron, Peter, Matthew and David.

Before joining Kolbe Academy in 2008, Everett worked as a high school teacher in math, science and computer literacy at a small private Catholic school in Cottonwood, Idaho. In addition to his work as Director of Academic Services, Everett servers as the Dean of Students. He has taught Kolbe’s 10th grade Sacramental Theology & Church History I course online, and taught classes on sacramental theology and catechesis for the Diocese of Santa Rosa’s catechist formation program.

What can you do with a degree in Philosophy? Click “play” to learn the answer and to find out more about the man, his ideas and his fascinating journey to Kolbe Academy.

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