Kolbecast Episode 11: Truth, Wisdom, Virtue



AMDG. Everett Buyarski, Kolbe’s Director of Academic Services, joins the crew this episode to discuss Kolbe’s history, mission, and philosophy. He discusses what “classical in content,” “Ignatian in method,” and “principle of subsidiarity” mean in the context of a Kolbe education; describes how the University of Paris in the 1500s and the University of Kansas in the 1970s both directly influence Kolbe’s rigorous curriculum; and turns the tables on Jordan, Bonnie, and Hope, putting each of them on the spot in Socratic form. 

Harold Bloom’s The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages 

Everett’s recent Facebook Live detailing these topics 

What can you do with a degree in Philosophy? Everett’s January 2019 conversation with Jordan 

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