Kolbe Academy’s Crazy Hair and Hat Day Winners

One of the most fun traditions at Kolbe Academy is Crazy Hair and Hat Day. Each year, the ante is upped by teachers and students alike. 2019 was the most creative yet! Check out the photos of this year’s winners at each grade level. 


6th Grade – Timothy C. with the “random hat-inator.”



7th Grade – Rafael S. with the “lazy boi 2000.”


8th Grade – John Paul S. with the “Go, Dog, Go” hat look-a-like.


9th Grade – Malia S. who says she “spend[s] too much time at the piano.” 


10th Grade – Clare A. with her crazy Pepsi dispenser. 


11th Grade – Lucia F. with her “slightly creepy mummy hair.”


12th Grade – Mary Grace S because “flowers make your hair prettier.”


St. Maximillian Kolbe Spirit award goes to 10th grader Elizabeth V. with her “Kolbe Academy, hairpiece edition.”


Principal’s Choice goes to 12th Grader, Meghan R. with her proper representation of the New England Patriots, best football team ever.



And the GRAND PRIZE goes to 

10th Grader, Miguel S. with his “comb-o’matic”.

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