Episode 18: Homer and The Hunger Games

AMDG. Alumnus Charlie Mihaliak, a current University of Dallas junior, joins us today to discuss how he relies on his Kolbe education in pursuing the pragmatic and the creative, the athletic and the artistic, the collective human experience and the unique individual self. Charlie reminisces with Jordan about the powerful experience of meeting friends in person after relationships developed through online classes without physical proximity. He and Hope discuss the strong sense of individuality that comes from balancing friend groups with varying interests rather than associating with one particular identity in high school. And he and Bonnie talk about the catharsis of encountering timeless big questions in drama and literature. Along the way, Charlie describes how the best opportunities to grow in college come when you acknowledge the fact that you have maturing to do, the importance of enhancing reality rather than escaping it, and what he would say to his tenth-grade self.  

University of Dallas Fall 2020 production of Love’s Labour’s Lost 

2018 Graduation recap 

2018 Graduation pictures 

Jordan’s graduation address 

Charlie’s graduation address 

Patricia Kolakowski’s graduation address 

The McCormick family’s graduation reflections 

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